Spring has landed and that sweet smell of Summer is in the air. 💕 🌺

Now that those dark winter months have finally gone, you’ll have probably noticed that the bare plants and trees in your garden, have come back to life and are once again showing off their beautiful leaves and flowers. Your lawn will have suddenly shot up too!  

Thankfully over the Easter break, we’ve all been able to enjoy a good dose of sunshine that definitely helps to lift the spirits, and here at Nick White Landscaping in Portishead, we have our fingers firmly crossed that a beautiful summer is on the horizon for us all. So, with that in mind, we’ve put together a simple guide to getting your garden ready for those summer months ahead.

And don’t worry, it’s only April so you still have plenty of time! 

1. What needs to be done?

Take a good look around your garden to see what jobs need to be done and make a note. Check the borders and beds to see if your shrubs and plants are healthy. Depending on the type of plants you have, cold, wet, and windy winter weather can sometimes leave them with long-term damage. If this is the case, with the right care and attention you may be able to nurse them back to health.  Sadly, on some occasions, though the plant(s) may have to be removed.

Take a look at your garden furniture and children’s outdoor toys like trampolines, children's playhouses, etc., to make sure that they are in good condition and are safe to use.

What is your lawn like? Does it need a good cut? Are your bushes overgrown? Do you need to empty your pots?

Check for any blown-over garden fences and take a look at your shed roof to make sure that it doesn’t have any holes in it.

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2. Make sure that you have all the right tools

Here at Nick White Landscaping Ltd, Portishead, before we start work on future landscaping projects, we always make sure that a) we have the right equipment needed and b) that it’s in good working order,  and we recommend that you check your tools too. 

It’s quite likely that most of your gardening equipment has been locked away in your shed for the past few months, so take them out, give them a good clean, and sharpen them up if they need it. Get rid of any broken tools and replace them with new ones. Check out your lawnmower too and sharpen the blades if they are blunt.

TIP: If you have a petrol mower, we recommend draining away any stale gas before starting it up, otherwise it could damage the engine meaning you’ll either have to get it fixed or buy a new one.


3. Spruce up your borders

Bring your borders and beds back to life by giving them a thorough tidy-up. Clear away anything that doesn’t belong there such as fallen tree branches, dead leaves, litter and slugs, and snails. And, of course, don’t forget to dig up any weeds growing through before they take over the whole bed.

TIP: If you want to create or already have an herbaceous border (which is made up of annuals and perennials) then we recommend applying a good quality topsoil. This will provide your plants with the nutrients that are needed to keep them happy and healthy.

4. Plant out your garden pots 

Adding a ‘pop’ of colour to your garden is easily done by planting out bright coloured flowers such as pansies, fuchsias, hebe, geraniums, dahlias, in pots or containers. If you’re looking for flowers that are bright as well as scented then go for the likes of lavender, gardenia, and honeysuckle.

You’ll need to consider where you’re planning on putting the pots as some flowers and plants thrive in full sun, whereas others only need partial sun or prefer the shade.

TIP: Don’t forget that plants in pots and containers dry out faster and will need watering more frequently. The smaller the plant pot, the more it will need to be watered. But be careful not to overwater them, as this starves the roots of oxygen, and the plant may die.

5. Give your lawn some TLC

If you haven’t already given your lawn its first cut of the year, then now is the time to do it. We also recommend aerating your lawn now to allow air, water, and other nutrients to penetrate it and keep it healthy.

It’s better to use a rolling lawn aerator, but if you don’t have one, you can use your garden fork.  Simply push the prongs into your lawn between 2-5 inches deep and repeat at a gap of around 6 inches in between.

TIP: After you have aerated your lawn, cover it with grass seed, apply a fertiliser and give it a good watering.  

If your lawn is damaged and you would like to replace it with good-quality turf, or if you're considering low-maintenance artificial grass, please get in contact with us today for your free estimate. 

6. Urgh! Weeds!

We know that weeds are a pain, but unfortunately, they don’t go away on their own, and the more you leave them, the more they will grow. 

We recommend de-weeding your garden when the soil is dry using a hoe. As an extra measure, placing a weed barrier on top of the soil will stop light from penetrating through to the weeds, so they won’t be able to grow back. You don’t have to worry about the rest of your plants as weed barriers are specially designed to be breathable and water permeable, so they will get the light, air, nutrients, and water that they need. 

TIP: When de-weeding it’s important to remember that you must pull out the root, otherwise it will grow back!


7. Clean your walkways and patio furniture

 Algae and moss thrive in wet and dark conditions, so it’s no surprise that your patio area and garden furniture that were once clean during the summer may have become green and slimy during the winter.

 The best way to get rid of moss and algae is by blasting it away with a jet washer. But, if you don’t have one, then good old-fashioned hot soapy water with an injection of elbow grease will work just as well.

 TIP: Use a hard dry brush to get rid of a lot of the moss and algae before jet washing or hand washing. Don’t forget to rinse the soap away with plenty of water to stop the surfaces from becoming slippery.  

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8. Trim your bushes

Unruly and unkempt bushes and hedges can spoil the look of your garden, so if they are overgrown it’s time to get trimming. Start off by removing any loose twigs or branches and any litter that may have been blown into them.

If your bushes or hedges are big or you have a lot of them, then we highly recommend using an electric trimmer because it’s less time-consuming and less tiring. The downside of this is that they can be noisy, so you’ll have to be mindful of your neighbours. Manual sheers are silent and can be used at any time of the day, but they take more effort and are therefore best used for smaller jobs. If you’re feeling creative, you can try trimming your bushes into a different shape!

TIP: When cutting branches off bushes remember to not leave stubs as these can rot and lead to disease.

If bushes or other shrubs have taken over your garden and you are looking to renovate the area, then our Garden Makeover Service throughout Bristol, Portishead, North Somerset and the surrounding areas can help you achieve this. Please get in contact with us today for your free estimate. 

9. Don't forget to clean the BBQ

If you forgot to clean your BBQ after the last one of the season, then it’s bound to be pretty filthy by now. Open the lid and prepare yourself to give it a good scrubbing!

TIP: We recommend that you start off by removing the grill and soak it in hot soapy water as this will make it a lot easier to clean that left over burnt-on food. Use a spatula to scrape away the grease and grime from the bottom. For really tough grease and grime, you may need to use a special BBQ or oven cleaning spray or put the grill plate in your  dishwasher if you have one.

After all that hard work, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy your garden!

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